Monday, December 14, 2009


Oh Christmas, why do you taunt me so?

I have a lot of blog ideas swimming in my head and I promise to get to them once finals are over.

Don't give up on me yet!

Monday, November 16, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is...

So I just finished up my five day blog for extra credit in my close relationships class and now I want to add a little extra fun....

Since Christmas is coming soon I thought I'd post 5 things from my wishlist. What do you want for Christmas?

1. These awesome boots from Target! (preferably in gray)

2. The Harry Potter book series. After reading all 7 books and understanding how great they are I just HAVE to have them! I like this box set, especially since they're all hard covered.

3. Set of note cards from I have an ongoing collection of cards I use for all occasions, as needed, and I thought these were so cute! I absolutely love whales so these are perfect!

4. A day to chill with a cup of coffee, a crossword and a book

5. A new hat. I'm starting to love hats and I'd like to add to my collection. I thought this one, also from Target, was fun.

Day 5 - Final Entry of Extra Credit Blog

Wow 5 days go by quickly. This extra credit assignment has been fun and made me think a lot about my priorities. I have a lot to mull over.

Goal Recap for the day:
- Complete my homework
I think when you're in college there's no such thing as "completing" one's homework but I did get some things done today.

- Do something creative
This is going to sound so girlie......I was creative with my outfit today. I tried to wear an outfit that was a little different from what I normally wear and do my hair differently. The weather helped with that and gave me inspiration to dress warm and fun....AND it gave me a reason to wear my favorite boots that I've been staring at all summer.

-Clean the house
Ha, yeah right. Living at home with 3 other family members who are just as busy as I am can leave the house looking a little, um, untidy. I did a lot of straightening up and the kitchen is clean like usual, but the floor could still use a vacuum.

- Clear my room
I spent the majority of the evening doing homework so I didn't get a chance to clear out my room but I'm using a lot of those boxes as make-shift tables so it's not a bad thing that I didn't accomplish this goal today. Otherwise I wouldn't have anywhere to put my things.

-Love on someone
I made a point to show some extra love to my dad today. I helped him shop for some clothes and took him out for coffee. We had a good time and he got some nice clothes.

I was surprised by contact from an old friend today. It was a small and almost insignificant form of contact but I appreciated it and it made me hopeful that this person and I have a chance of reconnecting in the future.

I surprised myself today by being spontaneous and agreeing to go on a trip that I hadn't planned on attending. I'm not surprised so much at my willingness to go but more about the fact that I did it after I had told myself I wasn't going to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited for it, I just hope everything works out like it's supposed to. Either way I love spontaneity and I hope to be able to practice it more in the future.

I guess that concludes the assignment. All of these blog entries and more can be found at my regular blog:

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Days 3 and 4 - Extra Credit Blog

So I kind of messed up and didn't write last night....sorry. Quick recap and then onto the next day:

Goal: Find some medication for my cold
- I ended up not needing medication on Friday, as I woke up without the "punched-in-the-face" feeling. Thankfully my cold is getting much better everyday and I'm hoping to sound like a normal person by the end of the weekend.

Goal: Do a craft with the kids I babysat
- I took advantage of the new paints the kids got and we made hand cut-outs into turkeys. The kids had a lot of fun and they looked pretty cool when they were done!

Goal: Drink tons of water
- I don't know if I would classify my intake as "tons" but I drank more water than usual, I guess that counts

Goal: Love on someone, anyone
- My older sister ended up being the person I loved on yesterday. She broke down on the freeway on her way into town from Phoenix and I went to rescue her. I happened to be in a particularly bad mood at the time and though I always try not to be rude to others I came off kind of short and had to really adjust my mood and just choose to put it aside because my sister needed me. In the end we fixed her situation and she helped me get out of my funk.

Goal: Notice something beautiful
- Oh man, who couldn't love the amazing weather we had yesterday! And today was even colder!

- I had a few surprises on Friday that kind of threw me for a loop and just put me in a bad mood. Trouble with the bank, running behind schedule, stress, you name it. I think I need to work on slowing down and just enjoying life...sometimes I can get pessimistic.

- I finally got the chance to give Nolan, a little boy I babysit, his birthday present. He's been getting into the cool older board games that were my childhood favorites so I thought I'd add to his collection and got him Connect 4. I think we played for like 2 hours, he LOVED it!

Okay, goals for Saturday:
  1. Get my friend Kelsie completely moved into her new place and settled
  2. Finalize Thanksgiving plans
  3. Get through the day with minimal caffeine
  4. Make a new friend or improve a friendship
  5. Notice something beautiful (a repeat as a way to get myself in the habit of doing so)


- My friend Kelsie is completely moved in and, thankfully it hardly took any time at all
- I was a little bummed this year when a family friend announced that she wanted to host Thanksgiving this year. I love to cook and my dad and I always tackle Thanksgiving together, planning all year for new recipes and how to improve our old recipes. But we still have Christmas, so I'll just cook for that and enjoy the extra time off for Thanksgiving. Plus she said I can take care of dessert so at least I still get to do something.
- Hmmm, caffeine. I drink a lot of coffee. A LOT of coffee. I'm trying to re-hydrate myself so I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine. I managed to get through the day on 2 cups today. Not bad for a first try.
- I generally get along with people, I love people. Sometimes I have a hard time getting past the "surface" part of relationships though. Tonight I made an effort to talk with some girls that I don't normally hang out with. They were nice and a lot of fun, so maybe I'll get a chance to spend time with them again soon.
- Did you see the sprinkles today? Matched with the most amazing cloudy sky, this day was beautiful. I absolutely love cloudy, gloomy days.

- My dad was the source of my surprise today. We had a really great conversation and he said a lot of things that made me appreciate him and the relationship that we have. He is a great person that I have grown to appreciate and respect.
- My surprise to someone else was silly and really small, but a surprise nonetheless. I'm kind of known for my love of coffee and particularly of Starbucks. Today I introduced a friend of mine to the magnificence that is the Peppermint Hot Chocolate. She was very pleased and I think will be drinking it for the rest of the season.

Goals for Sunday, November 15, 2009
  1. Complete my homework
  2. Do something creative
  3. Clean the house
  4. Clear my room of all needless junk/boxes
  5. Love on someone

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2 - Extra Credit Blog

I'm having trouble staying awake so this entry might be pretty quick...

Goals for today:
- I've done some more research for my project but I still can't narrow down another organization. I'll have to do some more looking
-I didn't start my Cognitive Psych project. Honestly, I completely forgot about it until about 20 seconds ago, whoops!
-There wasn't one specific person that I found myself pouring love on today, but rather people in general. Things have been a little stressful in my life lately and I think I've gotten caught up in it and forgotten about everyone else to an extent. For a while that was sort of necessary but it's time to move past that. I think that today was a good launching point for that.
-I promised a story.... at the end of the summer I was thinking a lot about this concept of loving people unconditionally and at all times. Oddly enough I had many chances in just my first week of class to practice this. Every day I was randomly in a situation where I had no choice but to engage with people that I didn't know and that I normally don't talk to (which is pretty much everyone on campus since I'm pretty reserved at school). The first day was a random person who sat at the little table I was occupying and started a conversation. The second day was a group of sorority girls who were looking for the same class I was (nothing against sorority girls, they're just a crowd that I don't particularly associate with or understand). Then there was the awkward kid in class that started at me all during class. This kept going for days. It doesn't sound that strange from the outside, I'm sure but if you knew me well you'd understand that my life is pretty boring and though I love people and making friends, I don't usually do so on campus, I'm not really sure why. Anyway, that week was a good time of practice.
-Oh man, I've slacked a lot today! I forgot about Nolan's present too! I'll have to pick that up on my way to work tomorrow morning.
-Creativity: I worked on an old song today that I wrote a couple years ago. I think it's pretty much done now. It's going to require a second guitar part since my part is pretty basic but overall I think I like it.

-I woke up to a surprise today. I've been fighting a cold for the past week and I thought it was getting better but I woke up an hour earlier than necessary to the awful pain of what I think might be a sinus infection. I felt like someone punched me in the face and looked like it with the exception of a bruise, it was totally swollen. I'm still determined to fight it off but I might need the help of some medicine soon.
-At the diabetes center tonight we surprised our class with tons of low carb treats and a make-shift Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and our patients were really excited.



Goals for Friday, November 13, 2009:
(Seeing as how tomorrow is Friday I'm going to be realistic about my time and efforts and not make any of my goals academic as the chance of them being completed is slim to none)
  1. Find a good over-the-counter medicine to fight off my cold and oncoming sinus infection
  2. Do some sort of fun craft with the kids I'll be baby-sitting
  3. Drink tons of water
    • sounds like a dumb goal, but I recently found out I'm severely dehydrated so maybe making this a goal will help me to actually do it
  4. Love on someone, anyone
  5. Notice something beautiful

Day 1 - Extra Credit Blog

The first day of this "project" went pretty well. Some parts went better than others. Here's the update:

-I didn't finish the research for my project like I wanted to, but I DID complete my writing assignment.
-My cookies turned out pretty well considering they were flour-less and made with Splenda instead of sugar.
-I haven't practiced my guitar yet tonight but I will when I'm done with this post. And as an added bonus a friend asked me to teach him what I know so that will be good motivation for me to keep practicing.
-Doing something creative was probably the hardest thing for me to accomplish today, as I expected. I had wanted to start by making some hair accessories with the awesome supplies my little sister got me for my birthday, but I couldn't find my hot glue gun so that had to be put aside. I settled for decorating some of the cookies and bringing them to some of my friends to eat during their band practice.... which brings me to the surprise part...

Initially I had planned on surprising a coworker with coffee, it's something her and I like to do for each other every once in a while. But in the end she ended up surprising me. After telling her I was going to Starbucks to pick us up some drinks she handed me a gift card and said that her husband had told her to buy us coffee today. That was a nice surprise since those drinks aren't cheap! So I surprised the guys with their cookies instead and kind of ended up surprising 6 people today instead of just one. The guys seemed to appreciate their cookies too and hopefully they liked them (I didn't stick around to find out, I didn't want to interrupt practice).

Ok, onto tomorrow's goals:

Goals for Thursday, November 12, 2009:
  1. Actually do the research for my paper
    • I'm determined to actually get this done!
  2. Begin project for my Cognitive Psychology class
  3. Love one a random person
    • This one takes a bit of explanation. I feel that a huge part of my existence is supposed to be spent loving people unabashedly and unconditionally, even in times when I don't want to. This can mean talking to someone who looks lonely, listening to someone's story or problems, showing compassion,etc. This is different from loving your friends or family because it's on purpose for someone who has no strong attachment, just because I am a person and I feel like everyone needs to be loved. I'm not planning on "seeking out" a person for this, but rather leaving myself open to see others who need love. Tomorrow night I'll explain my experience with this at the beginning of the semester...I had some interesting experiences!
  4. Buy Nolan's birthday present
    • This one's more practical than anything else. I have a couple jobs and one of them is as a nanny for two little boys, Nolan and Bryan. Nolan's birthday was in October and I keep forgetting to buy him a gift. Luckily I haven't seen him much lately but I'm working on Friday so I need to get it by then.
  5. Do something creative
    • I'm extending this into the second day, and possibly the entire extent of this project, as a way to push myself and think out of the box. Maybe I'll be able to locate my hot glue gun by then.
So that's my progress so far, maybe I'll find a way to post pictures or something for future blogs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Extra Credit

I'm taking a class this semester called Close Relationships that deals with our most intimate relationships (romantic partners, family and close friends) and why we act the way we do in those settings. It's one of the best classes I've ever taken, I actually ENJOY doing the homework! As an extra credit assignment for the class we can write a blog for 5 days (with specific guidelines, of course). I thought the assignment seemed pretty fun so I thought I'd share it with you as well. I started last night so this one is a little behind schedule......Enjoy!......

Hello World,
So the point of this extra credit blog is to explore the idea of FLOW, working with the element of surprise and goal setting. In order to fully understand what I'm writing about I should probably explain the assignment. For the next 5 days I'll set 5 goals for the following day and then write about whether or not I accomplished those goals the following evening. I'll also try and be surprised by something everyday and to surprise someone else every day. I'll document everything here so that you can see my progress and to help me be accountable, as I tend to forget about my projects and never finish them.

Here is what is required:

1) Set 5 goals for your self each day and list them.

2) Did you meet these goals? Why or why not?

3) Try to be surprised by something each day. Write down what surprised you each day (this can be something small or big). Did you enjoy this surprise? Why or why not? Do you want it to happen again?

5) Try to surprise someone each day. Write down whom you surprised, and what you did to surprise them. Also did they seem to enjoy this surprise?

I'm actually pretty excited about this assignment, especially the part about surprising someone else everyday. I'll be writing every night or afternoon in preparation for the next day, and as a debrief of that day, just to clarify. So let's get started!....

- 5 Goals for Wednesday, November 11, 2009
(To make this more enjoyable, I'll make 2 school goals and 3 goals for my personal life)
  1. Research for Family Violence project
    • I have a huge project due next week in another class that I really need to do some more work on, so the specific goal here will to find another organization to talk about in my project
  2. Complete my writing assignment for my FSHD class on Lying
  3. Bake cookies
    • I work at a diabetes education center where we teach diabetics to manage their own diabetes (with the help of physicians, of course) and Thursday evening we're having a class called "Healthy Holiday Habits" which we're turning into a bit of a holiday party. So I need to make some diabetic-friendly cookies
  4. Practice my guitar
    • I've technically been "playing" guitar since I was 18, so 6 years, but I'm still pretty awful at it. I'd like to start practicing regularly both to get better at it and to help me when I write songs
  5. Do something creative
    • I have a lot of very creative friends and I read a lot of blogs about expressing creativity through crafts and music and a million other venues but I find myself being rather timid when it comes to doing these things myself. I don't want to limit myself with a specific task, so my goal will be to make a strong effort to be creative in a new way.
I won't talk about who I plan on surprising because I plan to post this on my usual online blog, where that person could read it, and also because I haven't really decided who I'm going to surprise yet. A full update on this can be expected tomorrow night though.

I'm off to a fairly good start, I think. Hopefully these blogs will get a little more fun as I get more comfortable with the assignment and with posting the results for the world to see.

Here's to creativity and schoolwork!